ASI designs all of it's metal buildings to meet or exceed AISC standards. The steel used in ASI buildings is 100% commercial grade giving you the strongest metal building possible. All of the metal buildings ASI sells employ a rigid frame construction that is made of a rafter spanning the width of the metal building being supported by two or more columns. The spacing between these rafters is usually 20' and is referred to as a "bay", so a 40 foot long metal building would have 2 "bays". Bays can be spaced further apart to accommodate a larger opening such as a door.

Our metal building structures offer many advantages over traditional construction styles. All of the parts come straight from the factory pre-punched, pre-drilled and ready to assemble which means there is no customization needed on the job site to get the pieces to fit together. ASI metal buildings also feature an easy bolt-together design that anyone can understand, making construction of your new metal building up to 30% quicker than buildings made of traditional materials.

steel buildings

Framework being constructed